Code Reviews in Trunk Based Development

A few months ago I published a blog post about my team’s transition from Git Flow to trunk based development. We have found a way to get our code into the master branch very quickly. At the same time we are always ready to release our master with confidence which is the basis for our continuous delivery pipeline. We have less merge conflicts and we are able to enable or disable features at any time.

One topic I didn’t cover with this previous blog post is how and when we review our code. Within the last months we have found a practice that works very well for us. In this blog post you will learn how we still use small branches and pull requests without losing the benefits of trunk based development.

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From Git Flow to Trunk Based Development

I have worked with Git Flow for a few years and it helped me a lot to structure my Git branches. However, I have encountered some problems with Git Flow, most of them coming from long-living branches. The solution to solve those problems is trunk based development! It is an amazingly simple technique which is also the base for effective continuous delivery. In this article I tell you how I have made the transition from Git Flow to trunk based development with my iOS development team at HolidayCheck. You will learn what is the most important step to get there and what benefits you will get from trunk based development, so keep on reading!

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4 Simple Tricks to Avoid Merge Conflicts

Git is a great tool if you have multiple developers working on the same code base. However, there is one thing which can be very annoying if your team uses Git: Merge conflicts! Two developers have changed the same part of the code and then Git doesn’t know what to do. Fortunately, there are a few tricks to avoid merge conflicts and this article will tell you how!

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