How to Establish Coding Guidelines in Your Team

Coding guidelines help software developing teams to write consistent code which is easy to read and understand for all team members. Establishing such guidelines can be problematic if it is done wrong but it will be very beneficial for the whole team if it is done the right way. In this article we tell you what is important if you want to establish coding guidelines in your team successfully.

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Mob Programming

Mob Programming is like Pair Programming but even more amazing! Instead of two people working together you have a whole team “working at the same time, in the same space, at the same computer, on the same thing” (

In this article you will learn how Mob Programming can help your team to share knowledge, improve the team spirit and, by the way, develop great software!

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The Team Coder: A modern software developer

Coding in a team requires more than just coding skills. A modern software developer is not only a programmer but also an architect, communicator, teacher and learner. There are many tools and practices that help developers to work effectively in a team and to create code that is maintainable and extendable by all team members.

In this article you will learn what is important if you want to develop great software with a team. Great meaning the code is working, clean and easy to change.

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