I have been developing software with different teams and for different platforms for 17 years. In September 2015 I decided that it was time to write down a few things and to share my experiences with others. I started to write this blog. My focus was on practices, technologies and soft skills that help developers to create better software with their teams.

When I started writing my first articles I realized that I didn’t only help others with those experiences. I also learned a lot myself, both from really thinking about the topics and from the feedback I got from others.

Within two years I published 14 articles. Then I became a manager…

As a manager I didn’t have much time for coding anymore. And it felt awkward to write about management, especially since all my employees would probably read it. It’s a pity because I learned so many things in that time, so many interesting things to write about. I didn’t publish any blog post in that time. I did, however, write down a couple of things and they were waiting to be published later.

In May 2020 I made a decision. I wanted to revive my blog and start writing again. I wanted to share my thoughts with the world and, most importantly, with my future self because I love reading what I learned years ago.

I started to rebuild this blog from scratch. Instead of Wordpress I used GitHub Pages with Jekyll, which is such a cool technology! In June 2020 the blog was ready - and so was I! Ready to finally start blogging again!

Meanwhile, I also published some of the articles I wrote (but didn’t release) during my first management years. You can now find them on this blog, published with the date when I did actually write them.

If you want to get in touch with me, please do it on Twitter or LinkedIn. I’m happy about any feedback, cooperation or interesting discussion that might come up!

Robert Ecker