Today is a very special day for me! Exactly one year ago I published my first article on this blog! Today is the first anniversary of so I decided to write a short article about the things I have learned within the last year and the things I have planned for the next year.

One Year Ago

I remember three objectives that I had in mind when I started this blog one year ago. I wanted to share my knowledge, get some feedback and have something like a diary where I can save my memories.

At the beginning I was not sure how many people would even read my articles but I was sure that it will be very interesting for me to read them again a few years later.

I have learned so many things from other blogs on the internet that I felt it would be fair to give something back. I wanted to share my experiences with others.

What I Have Learned

The great thing is that writing blog posts doesn’t only help others but also yourself! With every article I wrote I learned a few new things when I started some research for details. I also learned how to explain the things I was writing about. Being able to explain a problem helps you to really understand it. You automatically evaluate your solution and maybe realize that it is not perfect. Whenever I wrote about a topic I felt like I knew more about it afterwards.

I could already evaluate my opinions when I was writing but even more powerful was the feedback I got from others. It helped me a lot to improve as a software developer because I saw so many new perspectives! Also comments like “great article” were like a kiss from an angel!

My goal was to write a blog post every month. That would mean twelve in one year. I have written nine posts so I didn’t achieve the goal. Sometimes it was hard for me to sit down at the weekend and work on a new post. Usually I needed multiple days to finish an article. But in the end the feeling was always wonderful. I was always super excited when I released an article and tweeted about it on Twitter!

I have learned so many things about the topics I have written about. Discussing them with other people was inspiring. My statistics tell me that more and more people visit and read the articles, which makes me very proud.

Another Year

So after one year of blogging, will I continue? Of course! I want to continue my diary. I want to keep that tool to improve myself and I also see that more and more people are interested in what I am writing.

It was a pleasure to write one of the nine articles together with a friend. Probably, multiple brains would make this blog even more interesting so maybe I will find a few more guest authors. If you are interested in publishing an article on I would be very happy to hear from you and I can also offer you some help! Anyway, I highly recommend writing down your experiences for yourself and also for others! There might be more people interested in it than you think!

Thanks for all your feedback and lets start another year of blogging on!